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Would it be possible to have access to a user Recent Activity?
I know that this is not a public information on the website, but I think that most part is public. I only see one Activity that should be private: when you down-vote something.

Having access to this would allow to write application that can notify you when a new comment has been added to a question/answer, when an answer is added to your question and monitor upvote/downvote on your question/answer.
It would really be great!

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Current API is read-only, and /users/recent info can only viewed by yourself (404 for other users). So, API shouldn't expose the informations that real site doesn't.

Actually, there is users/timeline option in API, that could be work around, except for voting processes.

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Yes I know it's 404 for other users, that what I tell in my question, but some information are not private, in the my SA timeline I don't see your answer for instance, It would be a useful information. May be my request could be "Add This, this and this to /users/x/timeline)" – radius Jun 24 '10 at 11:25
@radius, yeah, It won't show my answer, because its your timeline. to monitor a question, you may need to call and to monitor reputation, but still, yes. If all those info can get in one place that would be great. – YOU Jun 24 '10 at 12:32

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