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This q is for use by anyone who needs to modify, add or delete an answer or to modify the q to update the last_activity field.

Leave this description, but otherwise have at it.

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@george - I don't see a problem with having an api specific test post - especially when the user/post count is so low on stackapps. it reduces the load when testing for new/updated qna. see the point? – Sky Sanders Jun 16 '10 at 5:52
I see the point now, yes :) – Nathan Osman Jun 16 '10 at 7:00
 .d8888b.  888                      888             d8888      888 
d88P  Y88b 888                      888            d88888      888 
Y88b.      888                      888           d88P888      888 
 "Y888b.   888888  8888b.   .d8888b 888  888     d88P 888  .d88888 
    "Y88b. 888        "88b d88P"    888 .88P    d88P  888 d88" 888 
      "888 888    .d888888 888      888888K    d88P   888 888  888 
Y88b  d88P Y88b.  888  888 Y88b.    888 "88b  d8888888888 Y88b 888 
 "Y8888P"   "Y888 "Y888888  "Y8888P 888  888 d88P     888  "Y88888 

8888888b.                   888               888 
888   Y88b                  888               888 
888    888                  888               888 
888   d88P .d88b.   .d8888b 888  888 .d8888b  888 
8888888P" d88""88b d88P"    888 .88P 88K      888 
888 T88b  888  888 888      888888K  "Y8888b. Y8P 
888  T88b Y88..88P Y88b.    888 "88b      X88  "  
888   T88b "Y88P"   "Y8888P 888  888  88888P' 888
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Sorry, I couldn't resist! – Nathan Osman Jun 16 '10 at 7:06
+1 to your ego :) – systempuntoout Jun 16 '10 at 7:45

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EDIT 11:30

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