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I'm using Stackexchange java client lib I wanted to get a little more statistics but the following snippet returns only 30 answers.

  • Do I need to to register for an API key, or just use AnswersForUserRequestConfiguration?
  • How can I filter answers by a tag?

INFO: No API key provided, request limit will be restricted.

List<Answer> answers = StackAppClient.getAnswersForUser(241590);
    long votes=0;
    for ( Answer a : answers ) {
        votes += a.getUpVoteCount();
         System.err.println("answer:" + a);
    System.err.println("votes:" + votes);


I think I shouldn't try to use getQuestionsForTag("java") which would return 50k+ answers and check whether I provided an answer to this question.

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If you want that warning to go away you will need to get an API key. If you don't use a key your limited to something like 300 calls a day.

There isn't an easy way to get your answers by question tags. I would imagine the search feature might do something like that but at the moment it is limited and I haven't exposed it in the released version of the library. You can have up to 100 items in a response so the following will do what you are looking for although it will use (your answer count + your answer count / 100) API calls to do it and that could easily use your API quota up if you have answered a lot of questions:

List<Answer> answers = StackAppClient.getAnswersForUser(241590, AnswersForUserRequestConfiguration.start().withPageSize(100));
long votes = 0;
long totalAnswers = 0;
long javaAnswers = 0;
int page = 1;
while(answers.size() != 0 && answers.get(0).getAnswerId() != 0)
  for (Answer a : answers)
    votes += a.getUpVoteCount();
    System.err.println("answer:" + a);
    Question question = StackAppClient.getQuestionById(a.getQuestionId());
  answers = StackAppClient.getAnswersForUser(241590, AnswersForUserRequestConfiguration.start().withPageSize(100).withPage(page));
System.err.println("votes:" + votes);
System.err.println("java answers:" + javaAnswers);
System.err.println("total answers:" + totalAnswers);
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@carsons thanks for your support, now it seems tha I'm supossed to store data I've already retrieved, in a local db for further use. – stacker Jun 6 '10 at 17:25
Can the tags be added to the answers themselves? That will save a huge number of calls. – Abhinav Sarkar Dec 1 '10 at 16:50

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