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I created this mostly for fun, with a little bit of learning thrown in. It's a super-simple implementation of a client for the Stack Exchange API written in Grails. It served as a quick means of exploring and learning about the API, and I hope others might use it to do the same.


Seeing as I've never released anything with a license before, I pick... the Apache licence.


Source download is available on GitHub at The implementation is described on my blog in A Grails App Demoing the Stack Exchange API.


This should run on all platforms and has been tested in Tomcat.


Kelly Robinson. Please leave a comment on the blog if you need to contact me.


This is a Groovy and Grails (v1.3.1) applications written using IntelliJ IDEA and its excellent Grails integration. Code is available on GitHub, Feel free to fork it and do with it what you will. Cheers.

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