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I have previously installed and been working with the "StackPrinter" Greasemonkey script -- which displays a button on each Stack Exchange question to print that question with StackPrinter.

Now, that button no longer shows up. I believe this is caused by the failure of userscripts.org.

Any workarounds to get the button working again?

There is also a javascript bookmarklet on the StackPrinter page. It allows you to create a bookmark which functions similarly to the Printer button. By the way, the javascript bookmarklet needs to be tweaked by changing http to https to make it work on current Stack Exchange pages, which have been recently updated to redirect to https.

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@BrockAdams You may be right, but I can still print with StackPrinter and the bookmarklet I mentioned works. It's the button which doesn't work and which worked a week ago. And I notice that userscripts.org has gone offline recently. I would have posted to the StackPrinter question you referenced, but that requires 10 reputation points. Similarly, I couldn't add more than 2 links in my question. –  jrw32982 Jun 11 at 3:34
Oops, I didn't notice that that question was protected. Sorry about that. ... PS: You should delete your first comment as I put it in the question and it's now redundant. –  Brock Adams Jun 11 at 4:51
No longer shows up on which site? What browser and GM versions? I just installed the script and it works fine for me (FF latest and GM latest). Further, there is nothing in the script that relies on userscript.org. –  Brock Adams Jun 16 at 1:01
I'm using Firefox 30.0 on Windows XP (and Ubuntu), GreaseMonkey 1.15. Not really knowing how it all works, I do see userscript.org referenced in the script. I used to get a Printer icon showing up on each StackExchange site, but no longer. I've visited unix.stackexchange.com, programmers.stackexchange.com, etc. The Bookmarklet works fine for printing. I've also got NoScript, AdBlock, FlashBlock and a few other add-ons installed, but they weren't a problem before. If I recall correctly, I did try uninstalling and reinstalling to no avail. –  jrw32982 Jun 16 at 17:52

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