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This is yet another modification of the review notification interface. Its goal is to provide inobtrusive (no flashy colors) notifications specific to each review task. It is designed primarily for SE sites other than StackOverflow.

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Each indicator turns "on" when there are pending tasks in that category:

  • fp for First Posts
  • la for Late Answers
  • ed for Suggested Edits
  • lq for Low Quality Posts
  • cv for Close Votes
  • re for Reopen Votes

It links directly to the relevant review queue. The indicators are refreshed every 60 seconds, and after page (re)load.

The review link is not removed, since some users access 10K tools there. To make room in the top bar, the extension hides the flashy count of pending suggested edits and useless badge counts.

Available from Chrome Web Store.

Plain JavaScript, CSS, WTFPL. Source files (in case you want to adapt it for your browser / use case).

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