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I have a Meteor application and I'm making API calls like:

var urlString = ""+surl; ("GET", urlString, {params:{site:"stackoverflow"}}, 
    function (error,result) {
        console.log (;

At present I'm getting quota-limited to 300 calls only.
But I want more than 300 and I have an application key.

How do I request, using the API key, so I can get 10,000 calls per day?

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It's pretty simple, you just append your key to the URL as a parameter.
For example, looking for users 1 and 5:;5?site=stackoverflow&key=YOUR_KEY_HERE

So, it looks like your would become: (
    {params:{site:"stackoverflow", key:"YOUR_KEY_HERE"}}, 
    function (error,result) {
        console.log (;
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Thx for the answer,One issues is if the request we sent is bad, then in console it is showing bad request message(404), It is also displayinf the api_key in error message, how to overcome this. – Sasikanth May 22 '14 at 3:12
It's unclear what you're asking, but it sounds like a new/different problem. Open a new question and give details. – Brock Adams May 22 '14 at 4:04

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