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This userscript is obsolete now that the icon has been changed to something entirely more sensible. It is preserved below for posterity, and also so I can keep the 60 rep you all graciously gave me for it.



When Meta Stack Exchange finally split from Meta Stack Overflow (yay!), the shiny new Meta's icon was revealed to be the same as the icon used for This makes it a bit hard to tell which tabs are on which site by scanning the tab list. (It also made my Firefox pinned tabs (SE, MSE, this site, MSE chat, SE chat) very homogenous.)

This userscript exists solely to give Meta SE a more fetching greyscale icon to make it more different.


The MIT License




Runs on any browser that jQuery supports (which is quite a few).


It's just me, @michaelb958. You can contact me by:

  • Commenting on or answering this post. This is the preferred mechanism for providing feedback or suggestions.
  • Pinging me on chat. For general conversation and stuff.
  • Emailing me (email address available on my GitHub profile). For use in case of emergency.


jQuery, with a dash of JavaScript.
Github Gist!

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Nice. Here's a version that also changes the icons in the top bar. (Ps. Have you already proposed officially changing the icon on MSE?) – Ilmari Karonen Apr 19 '14 at 1:45
@IlmariKaronen That would require me to think before coding. :P – michaelb958 Apr 19 '14 at 4:13
OK, I did it for you, then, you lazy bastard. ;-) – Ilmari Karonen Apr 20 '14 at 10:36

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