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I could successfully create a question for my StackApp and I got this response (NSDictionary output):

    "has_more" = 0;
    items =     (
            "creation_date" = 1393885003;
            "is_answered" = 0;
            "last_activity_date" = 1393885003;
            owner =             {
                "accept_rate" = 94;
                "display_name" = Besi;
                link = "";
                "profile_image" = "";
                reputation = 8090;
                "user_id" = 784318;
                "user_type" = registered;
            score = 0;
            tags =             (
            title = "How can I tab to and from an NSTextView";
    "quota_max" = 10000;
    "quota_remaining" = 9999;

The problem is now that I don't get a message_id in the response and the question does not show up in my account. What happened to this question?

Update: I just checked again and the problem is still there. I again got a JSON response like the one above, which seems to imply that my question has been created, but I don't find the question on my network.

These are my parameters that I send over to the API:

enter image description here

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I figured out my error.

  1. I did not have the client_id set.
  2. I had to remove the preview flag.

I still can't create a question though: 404 when posting a question to the Stackexchange API

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