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This is a small school project for a Software Engineering course. It has been created to demonstrate an implementation of a REST API integrated with native android code, and how it performs on an actual device.

Use cases considered and implemented so far:

  • Read/browse/search as an unregistered user.
  • Perform login, write answers, post questions, view account info.

This is the stackapps.com post required to gain write access (for demo purposes only).


Application is free, open source. I will update with a Git repository link when the project is further along.


See above. (Code will be available.)




  • Language: Java/Native Android Java
  • Tools/Frameworks: Retrofit as rest client, GSON for parsing server responses
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Also, FYI, Stack Exchange sites don't have private messages. The usual way of providing app feedback on-site is with comments (like this one) or answers (for significant things). –  michaelb958 Feb 15 '14 at 12:01

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