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On Stack Exchange sites, edits that are made within 5 minutes of posting a question or answer aren't counted. This is called the grace period.

For example, if you post a new answer, and edit it after the 5-minute grace period, this is how it'll look like:

with edited link

If you make the edit within the grace period, then it'll look like:

without edited link

It'd be great if you can see a countdown timer that starts counting down immediately after you post a question or answer. Is there a script that does this?

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Sadly, bounties are mostly wasted on Stack Apps. Too few users and most of them are not that hungry for rep. –  Brock Adams Nov 11 at 9:54
@BrockAdams: Right, but I thought it wouldn't hurt trying. I have no use for rep here anyways :) –  Amal Murali Nov 11 at 10:50

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