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Extension in action

Notification of your reputation


Chrome Extension to display informations from Stackoverflow and helping you follow your reputation.

It is fairly simple project (especially compared to other chrome extensions posted here) but I wanted a way to know when something happen on my account.

I want to focus on the gamification part, like helping to find the next step, or the next badge.


This extension is published under the MIT license.


It is available in the Google Web Store. So you can install Stack Info in your Chrome browser from here:



Only Chrome for know. I don't plan to port it on Firefox but it probably wouldn't be too hard.


Feel free to report any issue on this Github project: https://github.com/athieriot/stack-info/issues. And you can know more about me on my profile.


This extension is pretty small and I jumped on the occasion to experiment with some libraries:

The code is on Github and you code read it or fork here: https://github.com/athieriot/stack-info

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