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StackEye is a Chrome extension which can be used to follow other users for their answers and questions. Using StackEye you can also add a question to your watchlist there by getting notifications for each answer/comment on it. StackEye v1.0 is available in Chrome Store and source code is available on GitHub. Please feel free to fork and give any feedback.

Some features:

  • No login/authentication required.
  • Works on any question (not just those asked by you).
  • Watch or unwatch questions with a single click.
  • Follow your favorite users (New)
  • View list of all notifications and questions.
  • Works on all Stack Exchange sites.

These snapshots will help you understand what StackEye is:

  • Click the eye icon to watch and unwatch a question.

    Not watching (click to watch):

    Watching (click to unwatch):

  • Go to profile page of any user to follow him

  • How it looks when you are following a user

  • Watched questions will display notifications in the extension's popup window.

  • Followed Users will display notifications in extension's popup window.

  • Notifications can be deleted (acknowledged) in bulk from this screen.

  • A list of watched questions is also available; questions can be unwatched in bulk from this screen.

  • A list of follow users is also available. Users can be unfollowed in bulk from here.

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1 Answer

StackEye v2.0 brings another great feature viz Follow users on all StackExchange sites. Just go to the profile page of the user and click Follow and there you go.

All the Jon Skeet's fans, this feature is for you. Follow him and get informed of all the posts made by him. Keep learning from his great answers and questions. There are too many experts out here on StackExchange like Jon Skeet including (RobW, Barmar, VonC, TJ Crowder, Felix Kling and a lot others). I can't name all. Just follow your favorite ones and keep learning.

StackEye is also avaible in Chrome Store. I have updated the new screenshots (as per 2.0) in my original question.

Feel free to report any bugs, suggest new features. I will be more than happy to discuss anything about it. Here is the github reporsitory of StackEye

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