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Most of the fields returned in the info object are totals, so they're perfect. Some of them are rates though.

  • answers_per_minute
  • badges_per_minute
  • questions_per_minute

Having these fields set at a per minute resolution makes sense for Stack Overflow, but for many (most?) of the sites in the network, these values have no precision. I noticed this when looking at the results for The Workplace:

  "items": [
      "total_questions": 2319,
      "total_unanswered": 3,
      "total_accepted": 1420,
      "total_answers": 8541,
      "questions_per_minute": 0,
      "answers_per_minute": 0.01,
      "total_comments": 28925,
      "total_votes": 91670,
      "total_badges": 17680,
      "badges_per_minute": 0.02,
      "total_users": 8526,
      "new_active_users": 4,
      "api_revision": "2013.10.9.8200"
  "quota_remaining": 9981,
  "quota_max": 10000,
  "has_more": false

Note that questions_per_minute is 0, making it impossible to scale up. answers_per_minute isn't much better at 0.01. Would it make sense to add precision to the values returned in these fields? Is more precision available?

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