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Step 1:

Step 1 using Flow

Step 2:

Step 2 using Flow


Flow is a code-editor extension for programmers, that integrates the power of the internet into your editor, by helping you search for code-snippets and examples for any programming task.

Flow automates the process of browsing through Q&A sites (like StackOverflow) and reading exhausting online documentation. Currently supports Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, 2012, 2013 - but in the future, sublime and eclipse's variants will be supported as well.

For more info, please visit our homepage (link below).


FREE for PERSONAL use. Commercial license will be available soon.

Pay attension that the current version is BETA experimental. A full, bug-free version will be available at November 2013




PC with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, 2012, or 2013.


Contact us via our blog at: http://www.flowextension.com/blog

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