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Screenshot / Code Snippet

Real-time Screenshot


This script provides real time updates and filtering of active questions for all SE sites.

  • Shows active questions in real time
  • Filter by favorite tags
  • Filter by question
  • Erase seen questions (By clicking link or keypress e)


Released under the MIT Open Source License.


Hosted on: Install now


Google Chrome

Install the Tampermonkey plugin. Afterwards click the "install now" link above.


Install the Greasemonkey plugin. Afterwards click the "install now" link above.

Any Browser (Bookmarklet)

Create a bookmark using the following code snippet as location:


Afterwards browse to /questions on any SE site and click that new bookmark.

Release notes

  • Oct 5, 2013 Initial Version
  • Oct 6, 2013 Added support to run as bookmarklet


This script is created by jgb. You can just leave feedback in the comments, or answer below. or create an issue on

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