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StackBrowser allows you to explore the StackExchange network natively on Ubuntu Touch. Written in QML and JavaScript, it is mostly an excuse to play with the new Ubuntu SDK.

Currently you can:

  • Browse and view recent questions
  • Search questions by tag
  • Browse, search, and view users
  • Vote on questions and answers
  • Add answers and comments



StackBrowser is available in the Ubuntu Touch Software Center. It can be tested on a 13.10 Ubuntu desktop system, or on earlier releases if you have the SDK installed, by grabbing its source from Launchpad.

bzr branch lp:stackbrowser
cd stackbrowser
qmlscene stackbrowser.qml


home screen

user view

tag browser

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It now supports posting comments with the write API. – andrewsomething Mar 12 '14 at 20:55

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