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I might be losing my mind, but there is no API method that returns the "interesting" tab on the homescreen of a StackExchange site.

It's one of the most important calls in my opinion. I would like to do something like:


etc.. based on the favourite tags I gathered from the user.

There is a way to get questions based on a list of tags, but that method uses the AND operator on the tags, but I would basically like the OR operator on it.

See here for the querying of question with tags using the AND operator

A caption:

To constrain questions returned to those with a set of tags, use the tagged parameter with a semi-colon delimited list of tags. This is an and contraint, passing tagged=c;java will return only those questions with both tags. As such, passing more than 5 tags will always return zero results.

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Well, provided you don't want to do this too often, just make a bunch of separate API calls, one for each tag. –  Asad Aug 2 '13 at 22:46
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