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This is an alternate homepage for StackOverflow with stronger filtering options. I made it because default homepage often provided me with questions that were not actionable/not worth time. I made it for myself, so the filter set might be a bit weird, but please feel free to grab the source and change it.

One of the main features is filtering by author's reputation. This feature wouldn't be a good choice for StackOverflow itself, but personally I prefer to spend time on questions with higher chance of author returning/participating/accepting.

Note that list of questions auto-updates each 2 minutes.


Please feel free to use the app however you see fit.
The source code is licensed under MIT/BSD (choose one you like more).


StackFilter is currently hosted at http://stackfilter.azurewebsites.net/.


Tested in:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox

Not tested and not optimized for mobile browsers.
Not expected to work in IE < 9 (using jQuery 2).


Andrey Shchekin


StackFilter is pure HTML/CSS/JavaScript. There is no server-side.
It can be hosted anywhere as long as settings.js are updated (stack app needs correct domain for OAuth).

The code is available at https://github.com/ashmind/StackFilter.

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