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Resumes are inadequate at verifying skills, traits, and knowledge that software developers and designers possess.

Coderbits is a network for software developers and designers that automatically builds knowledge portfolios using 50+ data sources. Portfolios are built using source code, packages, designs, education, organizations, and much more. Our unique award system of 500+ badges and core trait scores is designed to be fun and encourage personal growth.

Your work should speak for itself.

StackOverflow Integration

Coderbits integrates StackOverflow as one of the many sites for profile aggregation. Let your work on StackOverflow build a detailed profile showing your skills and talents.


Coderbits is a free service that is currently in an invite only beta. Invites can be requested on the site.


Contact us via Twitter or email us at social[at]coderbits[dot]com.

Join us

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