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StackMode is a Stack Exchange mode for Emacs. Currently progressing rapidly through its prototyping phase, StackMode will support the full range of API operations, including network/question browsing and commenting, in addition to certain Emacs superpowers:

  • editing source code snippets in their native mode,
  • archiving questions for offline reference,
  • advanced, instantaneous, and incremental search of cached data, and
  • marking questions as read / unread.


windmove keybinds are not loaded Quote Environment SE's OAuth workflow in Emacs

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If you think it is so cool, I don't see why you don't just write it. :) –  11684 Mar 1 '13 at 11:21
Nice! I have a (slightly unrelated) question (but you seem to be the only one online at the time): what do you use as 'Application Website'? (I mean the thing you have to type in when registering, "where users can go to read about your application".) I want to write an app to and need to register to add authentication, but I don't want to make a website for that app (I'm not even sure if I'll ever publish it) and that field is required. Did you use the GitHub page of your app? –  11684 Mar 1 '13 at 11:31
What is 'apt'? (Trying to keep my knowledge of SE abbreviations up to date) –  11684 Mar 1 '13 at 12:40
I had to Google this to see what crazy bastard has already thought of it and implemented it. Bravo sir –  user202930 Mar 19 at 17:36
Very nice. I was looking for an SO chat client for emacs like circe, but I would really like this as well. –  Steve Buzonas Jun 27 at 4:10
Written in org-mode inline with the documentation is brilliant. One thing, stack-api.el builds to elisp and stack-mode.el ends up in emacs-lisp –  Steve Buzonas Jun 27 at 4:43
Hi again, everyone! Can we clean up the comment section a bit? This project is getting more attention recently, and I'd like to have a shiny storefront, as it were :) –  Sean Allred Nov 4 at 0:34
@SteveBuzonas If you would like to provide that as a feature request on the GitHub page, I'm sure we would all be grateful for resources :) I do not believe the API provides this functionality yet, but if there a way to bypass the API, I'm all ears! –  Sean Allred Nov 4 at 0:35
@user202930 You specifically should keep your comment – it's fantastic XD –  Sean Allred Nov 4 at 0:45
I've taken a stab at your question on Stack Overflow. –  Nathan Osman Nov 5 at 4:20
@NathanOsman Many thanks! I'm replying as we speak. –  Sean Allred Nov 5 at 4:21
This comment was posted with this application. –  Sean Allred 2 days ago

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