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See a chat message you don't want on your screen? An annoying image or animated GIF? Now you can remove it!

This is a simple script that I made. It will allow you to click a chat message to remove it. That's all! Here's the code:

javascript:function f(){$('.content').each(function(i){$(this).click(function g(e){this.innerHTML='<i>removed</i>';$('.content').each(function(i){$(this).unbind('click');});});});}$('#footer-logo').click(function g(e){e.preventDefault();f();});

When you run it once, by pasting it into the address bar (your browser might remove the javascript: part so type it back in if it does) or using a bookmarklet, it is easy to remove messages. Simply click on the stack overflow logo at the bottom right corner of your screen, then click the message you want to remove.

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