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Can we have all possible closed_reasons in help page and if possible, closed_reason_id, too?

For example

closed_reason_id=1, closed_reason="exact duplicate",
closed_reason_id=2, closed_reason="off-topic",
closed_reason_id=3, closed_reason="subjective and argumentative",
closed_reason_id=4, closed_reason="not a real question",
closed_reason_id=7, closed_reason="too localized",
closed_reason_id=104, closed_reason="belongs on",
closed_reason_id=102, closed_reason="belongs on",
closed_reason_id=103, closed_reason="belongs on",
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Closed reasons vary from site to site, and can be changed over the lifetime of the site.

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Ok, so I need to store those closed reason texts as is in database. I was wondering there is something better. – YOU Jun 1 '10 at 0:56

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