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I have run into some confusion over the presence of the body attribute in an inbox-item returned by the /inbox method.

When item_type is set to "careers_invitations", the body attribute appears to be missing even if the current filter specifically includes it. According to the documentation:

answer_id              integer, refers to an answer
                       may be absent

body                   string
                       unchanged in unsafe filters

comment_id             integer, refers to a comment
                       may be absent

* emphasis mine

As you can see, some of the other fields "may be absent" but there is no such warning next to body, implying that it will always be present - which appears not to be the case.

Can either the body be added to all items or the documentation updated please?

Note: I have a URL that demonstrates this problem if you are unable to reproduce it - but for privacy reasons, I cannot post it here.

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