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I'm using the Stack Apps API. Retrieving questions by tags works well, and the JSON is returned. Now I need to parse the JSON and there is something wrong with my code:

    url: ''+_tags+'&site=stackoverflow',
    success: function(data){

      for(var I = 0 ; I < data.length; I ++){

the JSON is not alerted, nothing is alerted.

the JSON I retrieve is like this:

            "title":"How to avoid concurrent exception in ArrayList in android?",
            "tags":[ "java", "android"],

What am I doing wrong?

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Thanks to Dave for this ;) Your for loop should be:

var i, l;
for (i = 0, l = data.items.length; i < l; i++) {
    // Get your data here
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hey hey you're stoling :D – Badaboooooom Dec 6 '12 at 20:33
Why 'stolling'? I don't get it, sorry ... – Pierre.Vriens Apr 12 at 18:24

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