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I was looking for a way to IFTTT my questions, and found this recipe, that automaqically saves your favourited questions to Evernote. Nice. It uses stack2rss (thus the SE API) to provide a feed with this URL

Now I want to do the same for the all the favourites I have on SE sites, but can't find how to do it in API. I tried to replace stackoverflow by stackexchange or, but it returns an error.

Is it possible?

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You'd have to use the Stack Exchange user ID:
This is the account_id, to be more precise.

With that, run the User's associated accounts method.

Iterate through the results running another query (with your user_id in each site) to build the favorites:

  "items": [
      "site_name": "Stack Overflow",
      "site_url": "",
      "user_id": 1287812,
      "reputation": 4841,
      "account_id": 1211516,
      "creation_date": 1332491688,
      "badge_counts": {
        "gold": 6,
        "silver": 12,
        "bronze": 35
      "last_access_date": 1377657230,
      "answer_count": 288,
      "question_count": 9
    // ET CETERA
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