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Bookmarklet that stops GIFs in their tracks! until you refresh..

GIFs are replaced with the following image:
I was once an annoying GIF

How to use.

Depending on your browser you create a new bookmark, copy and paste the code below in the Location field, then name it something cool like GIF KILLER!. Voila!
This Bookmarklet was designed for the SE/SO Chats, and it's purpose is not to block Animated GIFs but to allow you to stop viewing them after you have had a good lol.


GIF KILLER is released under the WTFPL.


You can download the code or just Fork it here:
Either version will work for the chat, however the none jQuery version will guarantee to work for all sites (modern browsers).


I can be reached at


javascript:$('img').filter(function() { if( this.src.substr(-3).toUpperCase() === 'GIF' ) return this; }).replaceWith('<img src="" />');;
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You might also consider the Unicorn Software License :) – Nathan Osman Aug 22 '12 at 19:29

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