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Code::Trends is an interactive analysis of a dataset taken from StackOverflow, including:

  • visualization of the technologies trends by time and location
  • recommendation for similar technologies
  • recommendation for developers with similar background and interests


How did HTML5/Flash/Silverlight usage change over time? Time trends

Where are the PHP questions asked? Location trends

Who are the users with most answers about Android? And the most related technologies? Recommendations


The work is licensed under Creative Commons


The website was developed by Andrea Cuttone. You can get in touch using andreacuttone at


  • Python for acquiring and parsing the data
  • Google App Engine and Django for the web part
  • Google charts, d3 and tipsy for the fancy stuff
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Marvelous work, I really like it. – systempuntoout Jun 27 '12 at 17:54

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