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Chrome Canary is only letting me install userscripts from the Chrome Web Store via the one-click route. There is a workaround (drag-drop the script to the Extension page), but it's cumbersome.

This is still in dev/Canary, so they may polish this up/entirely remove it before pushing to beta/stable. Hopefully. Still, we better keep a watch on this--it may be necessary to update the installation instructions on all script pages to include this nit.

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Unfortunately the news is bad all around.

Sathya has updated the tag wiki for to include the following paragraph:

As of May/June 2012, Chrome no longer allows for direct installations of off-store extensions. To install them, you'll have to download/save the .user.js file, open chrome://chrome/extensions/ (or Click on Wrench -> Tools -> Extensions & drag the *.user.js file to the Extensions tab. After that, you'll get the prompt to install the extension.

Originally I thought this was a bug and reported it.

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Don't feel bad for thinking it was a bug; the main issue report on this was filed by a Chromium developer who thought it was a regression :) – balpha Jun 23 '12 at 9:17
One of the comments there really sums up the way I feel: "Perhaps it's time to fork Chromium." :P – Nathan Osman Jun 23 '12 at 14:44

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