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(I realize this is likely to be for now, but I'm quite likely to forget if I don't ask it now :)

The /questions endpoint supports a "tagged" parameter which I find quite useful. However, it's the only endpoint that appears to support this parameter.

If, say, I want to get questions asked by a given user (with /user/{ids}/questions) I can't filter based on tags as well.

Additionally, /answers and /user/{ids}/answers endpoints don't support tag filtering. (I understand that answers don't have tags, per se, but it's still would be quite helpful if I could filter this way)

Right now, when I want to filter questions by both user and tag, I have to dump all the questions or answers by a user, and then manually filter the tags. This is kind of a time consuming process, and wastes a lot of API calls and bandwidth.

It's worse for answers though - first I have to dump all the answers by that user, and then ask for all the questions, and then discard all the answers on the questions that don't match the tag.

Dumping, say, all the answers posted within a given time period on a tag by anyone yields a similarly wasteful set of queries - I've got to filter answers by time period, then request questions, and then dump any data that wasn't tagged the way I want.

Can we get the "tagged" parameter on more endpoints? Specifically I'd like it on the /user/{ids}/* endpoints which return questions or answers if possible, but any endpoint that returns question or answer objects would likely benefit.

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