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I am trying to get the total number of question with a specific tag AND created within a specific date span.

For example, the number of questions tagged as 'java' created between 16 and 17 Jan 2012:

But this returns a very large number, much larger that the number of questions created in the same date span, for example:

It looks like that when tagged is present, min and max do not work properly

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This should be fixed now.

Really fun set of bugs there actually.

In the API we delegate most tag operations to a couple (conceptually) external services, there was a dodge bit of logic in building the request w.r.t. min/max creation dates.

However, fixing that revealed another more pervasive bug around date precision. Most of the API, and the backing databases, store dates out to about a thousandth of a second; a number of service (and the APIs external representation) work at a single second precision. This mismatch caused a number of >= and <= comparisons to really mess up counts and result sets.

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it seems to work now. thanks! – AndreaC Mar 29 '12 at 16:40

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