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Run https://api.stackexchange.com/2.0/sites. programmers.stackexchange.com is not in the response.

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I see it in the response, perhaps you're not paging far enough to see it?


  site_type: "main_site",
  name: "Programmers",
  logo_url: "http://sstatic.net/programmers/img/logo.png",
  api_site_parameter: "programmers",
  site_url: "http://programmers.stackexchange.com",
  audience: "professional programmers interested in conceptual questions about software development",
  icon_url: "http://sstatic.net/programmers/img/apple-touch-icon.png",
  aliases: [
  site_state: "normal",
  styling: {
    link_color: "#0077CC",
    tag_foreground_color: "#5D5D5D",
    tag_background_color: "#FFF"
  closed_beta_date: 1283299200,
  open_beta_date: 1283904000,
  launch_date: 1292457600,
  favicon_url: "http://sstatic.net/programmers/img/favicon.ico",
  related_sites: [
      name: "Programmers Meta",
      site_url: "http://meta.programmers.stackexchange.com",
      relation: "meta",
      api_site_parameter: "meta.programmers"
      name: "Chat Stack Exchange",
      site_url: "http://chat.stackexchange.com",
      relation: "chat"
  twitter_account: "StackProgrammer",
  markdown_extensions: [
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Thanks. I didn't realize there were so many sites they were being paged. There should be a pagesize=infinity for this call –  Adam Mar 1 '12 at 21:49

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