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Stack Tunnel


Stack Tunnel enter image description here Question Details enter image description here


StackTunnel is a WebGL visualization which displays the latest questions from any Stack Exchange site interactively within your web browser. You can click on the questions to see the full question & answers. If you have a WebGL enabled browser (tested in latest Chrome and Firefox), visit the links below to see it in action.

Stack Tunnel was built in under a week mainly to give me a chance to experiment with WebGL and the new Stack Exchange 2.0 API. It was finished off in somewhat of a hurry to meet the deadline for the competition.

Live Demo

Stack Overflow:



etc. (Add any api_site_parameter to the #item at the end of the URL to load questions from that site).


Because it's rendered by the browser, you can include it in your website/blog/etc in an iframe.

<iframe src=""></iframe>


No Download / Plugin required. Just a recent version of Chrome or Firefox.


The code is purely JavaScript, with no server side code at all. Feel free to inspect / view / modify / use / comment.

Three.js is used for the rendering. Threex.js is used for the mouse / interactivity helpers. Rendering of the "HUD" question-detail are handled by StackTack.

License: MIT.


@ThomasFletcher on Twitter or Crashthatch on Stack Overflow.

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+1 I love this idea! Really cool. If you post a screenshot URL in a comment below, I will add it to the question for you. – Nathan Osman Feb 29 '12 at 6:06
Thanks for the upvote. It gave me enough rep to add the screenshots myself. Thanks for the offer though. – Crashthatch Feb 29 '12 at 12:35

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