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What's the minimum filter and simplest way to detect if a question (by its ID) was asked by a user whose account has been deleted?

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I've finally found one such question.

From the \question\{id}\ route you need the !YwUIfd5b6 filter:

  1. items from .wrapper
  2. owner from question
  3. user_type from shallow_user

If you get {"items":[{"owner":{"user_type":"does_not_exist"}}]} as a response, the owner has been deleted. Sample query.

(If you instead get {"items":[]} then the ID is not a question's or the question has been deleted.)

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A question that was migrated to site where the asker doesn't have an account will show as "does_not_exist" as well (because they don't, on that site); you should check migrated_from if you want true "deletions". – Kevin Montrose Feb 17 '12 at 17:46

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