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I notice that there is an oAuth endpoint for the stackexchange API:

The OpenID implementation used by StackExchange is open sourced at

Is there an open source implementation of the oAuth2 provider capabilities used by stackexchange API? If not, any information on what (C#?) implementation the stackexchange network uses?

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We're not using a library for OAuth 2.0 in the API.

For one, OAuth 2.0 is a lot simpler than OAuth 1.0a and as such the benefits of pulling in a dependency to manage it are a lot smaller. We also had to deal with our existing OpenID dependency in the login/auth process, which is a fairly unique situation to be in.

Given how tightly integrated our implementation is (and the unusual nature of OpenID, not to mention having a separate domain [] managing the OAuth flow) I doubt we'll ever be in a position to open source it.

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Thanks for the authorized answer and mentioning the simplicity of OAuth 2.0. Just for the record, is the separate domain for OAuth flow or – David d C e Freitas Feb 16 '12 at 6:45

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