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I'm running into a really weird issue and I would appreciate any guidance on what I'm doing wrong. So I recently applied for an API key here on Stack Exchange and it went through fine. So let's say (for example) I received the following API key:


So using this key, I'm attempting to run a simple query like:

And I get the message:

    "error_id": 400,
    "error_name": "bad_parameter",
    "error_message": "`key` doesn't match a known application"

Am I using the API key correctly?

Note that I didn't want to post the real API key here for obvious reasons but if need be I can provide it.

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Tim Stone pointed out that I was trying to use a 1.1 key with the 2.0 API, which of course doesn't work.

I've registered for a 2.0 API key and everything is sorted out now.

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note, this can also occur if you accidentally mix up your secret and key (or supply invalid key in general) – lfender6445 Mar 10 '15 at 2:29

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