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It would be very helpful if the /tags API could provide at least a bare minimum of information about tag synonyms. Either:

  • Number of synonyms the tag has, if any.
  • Or a true/false flag for tags which have at least one synonym.

Sometimes you want to fetch stuff about tags including synonyms but since the two are somewhat separate, you may need to scan the complete sets of both tags and synonyms.

For instance if I use the filter/inname to get tags I'm interested in I would then see which have synonyms and then call the /tags/synonyms API for just those tags.

As it is I would have to call /tags/synonyms on the complete set of tags and check the from-tag/to_tag of each to find the ones I'm interested in, which is a lot less efficient.

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The tag object now has a has_synonyms field which is true when there's at least 1 approved synonym for a tag.

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