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I was trying to do statistics on post from some not-too-popular tags like matlab, using the search method. It appears that it will never return a total larger than 2000. Is this a hard limit that cannot be lifted? Is it possible to get the question count even if it's larger than 2000? If yes, is it possible to get the data for all questions as well?


An example query: Unfortunately it gives an error 500 at this moment, but later you should be able to see that it returns total = 2000, which is only about half the total number number of matlab-tagged questions.

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Running a /search is quite expensive, so we do cap the returns at 2000. Note that this limit is not contractual, and subject to change (it has been pretty stable for a while, but we're seeing thousands of new posts a day... we may encounter a tipping point in the future).

In this case, if you want all questions tagged matlab this is a better query. If you're not using nottagged or intitle then /search is probably bad fit for you.

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