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The following API request should return all unanswered questions with a score of at least 30:


However, the response consists of 250 items and hardly any of them have a score of more than 30. In fact, only two of them do. This is verified by removing the /unanswered qualifier and running the following request:


This route does indeed return the correct number of items (currently 26) and each of them has a score >= 30 as expected. Obviosuly if there are only 26 total questions that have a score >= 30 then there cannot possibly be more unanswered questions than that.

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I should also point out that /no-answers works correctly. This appears limited to /unanswered. –  Nathan Osman Sep 20 '11 at 6:28

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This has been fixed.

There was a bogus bit of SQL there applying a creation sort instead of a vote one.

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