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Slightly related:
Add reputation and site URL to 1.1 associated accounts

Currently, the only way to identify a site from the associated accounts route is by its name. This is pretty error-prone and useless if you are trying to do something more than just display the associated sites, like, for example, displaying the user's profile on that site.

Also, say I cached all the sites using the /sites method (which, btw, needs a way to get all the sites for caching purposes so I don't have to make more than one call). The only way to map an associated site to one in my cache is, again, by its name, which is, well, horrible.

Because of this, supplying the endpoint of the site (it can even replace the name if you ask me) is pretty necessary.

I understand that I can "just use 1.0", but that's not a nice / correct solution either.

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Thank you for this question!! I doubt you'll get it, this API is very focused on "how it should be done" not what would make life easier for developers. – Jonathan. Jun 17 '11 at 15:00

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