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How do I use the API to get the number of followers for a given tag?

On Stack Overflow, if you hover your mouse over a Tag a DHTML popup displays the number of followers for that tag.

I have used the Stacks Apps search as well as Google and can't find this piece of data in the APIs. Am I missing something?

If "followers" is not a discoverable piece of data, consider this a feature request. :)

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You can try below API methods, that might solve your requirement.

  • /tags/{tag}/top-answerers/{period}

    Get the top answer posters in a specific tag, either in the last month or for all time.

  • /tags/{tag}/top-askers/{period}

    Get the top question askers in a specific tag, either in the last month or for all time

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-1 This doesn't answer the question or the OP's need. Please be careful when answering [feature-request] questions that (1) what is asked for may not be currently possible and (2) your answer helps resolve the stated problem. – Brock Adams Jun 19 '14 at 2:50

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