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Can I get a confirmation that the response /users/{id}/timeline contains redundant information, namely:

 If the action is: | Then the timeline_type is always:
  accepted         |   accepted
  asked            |   askedoranswered
  answered         |   askedoranswered
  awarded          |   badge
  comment          |   comment
  revised          |   revision

Looking through some API responses, it seems that this is always the case. If this is true, then why have the timeline_type field at all? It seems like the action field contains more descriptive information than the timeline_type field.

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It is more or less redundant.

I'd have to dig back into source control to find exactly why, but I vaguely remember action and timeline_type diverging late in 1.0 beta.

Expect that route to get some tweaks (more-so perhaps than the typical method) in the 2.0 time frame.

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