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I know that it's probably unintended that the Primary voting scores were leaked by the API, but I think if you're going to remove it, then at least make it official, so I won't have to wonder if it's just a transient bug.

Anyway, some background: It's possible to collect the score and up/downvote count and scores of each nominee by accessing the post id referred to in the nominations' HTML:

<div id="post-4791995">

They appear on the API as questions. Some time yesterday, however, the up/downvote counts were wiped, and new candidates' nominations that appear after these do not appear in the API any more. I need to know if this is by design, so that I can stop my stats page from polling for useless data in the future.

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They were never intended to appear, and this bug fix incidentally removed them from the API.

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