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If you search for questions posted on time 1296897085 or later (by specifying sort=creation and min=1296897085), it may still return questions posted before that date:;algorithm&sort=creation&min=1296897085&pagesize=2

In this case, it returns a question posted one second before (1296897084). But the gap can be more: e.g. specifying min date as 1296897100 still gives that question, but 1296898100 does not.

So, min seems to be 'inexact' restriction.

This is not a stopper bug, as I can filter returned questions manually, but I thought it's still worth reporting.

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The granularity on /search results has changed out of necessity.

Searches now bound queries as a "best effort," which for creation/activity tends be within about a minute (give or take).

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Actually, they're often off by 5 minutes and more, depending on the number of search tags. Many are missed completely if you scan with 5-minute window, others come clustered together. It seems, using 'search' method for this is simply impractical: it's much better to go for 'questions' and filter result by tags on client side. – Nikita Rybak Feb 8 '11 at 17:16
@Nikita - if all you want is questions in a tag, just use the tagged parameter on /questions. Search is for a very rare, needs a match in the title, case. – Kevin Montrose Feb 8 '11 at 18:12

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