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I am trying to build a page specific to one keyword which should pull all the questions and their respective answers from Stack overflow. I tried phpstack 1.1.1, but no luck. I saw a

function search($opt){
 return $this->request('search'. $opt);

This function will be useful or not?

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You're using my library, PHPStack.

From what I can tell you're attempting to search via tags?

It's a while back since I used it, but if I remember correctly this code should give you a basic example of how to use the search method:



$so = new PHPStack('', 'yourAPIkey');

   'tagged' => 'tags;required' 
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Thanks Mate, I am new to Stack overflow API and looking to fetch all Questions and answers to a specific keyword i.e. "PHP" , "how to" etc. I am looking to search different keywords and get the data to display on my app. Just wondering if that is allowed and possible via your API. – user4203 Nov 26 '10 at 12:37
is there a documentation available for your API. I like it but somehow i have less programming experience to figure things out of my own. – user4203 Nov 26 '10 at 12:42

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