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This query returns (in addition to several complete records) this incomplete one:

  "user_id": 2196,
  "user_type": "registered",
  "display_name": "Wil",
  "reputation": 151,
  "email_hash": "8e40b955ba72299d98374726cdc1573d"

As you can see, several fields are missing, not the least of which is the on_site structure.

This is apparently this user's Area 51 account (I didn't know the API returned any Area 51 data).

This has been occurring since sometime after Fri Nov 12 21:13:00 UTC 2010.

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Ah, there were recently some association changes on the main sites and this is a consequence of that.

The API is not meant to return association information for Area51 (and Area51 doesn't expose an API itself). This has been fixed; such data is no longer returned.

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