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After reading the docs/faqs, I couldn't help but wonder...

What exactly is a day?

  • When does it start?
  • When does it end?
  • What timezone are you using?

In other words, when my app runs out of requests for the day, at exactly what time will it be able to make requests again?

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For the API, the day ends 24 hours after your first API call.

A single IP address can only make a limited number of requests per day to the API. This limit is determined at first request time, and is dependent upon the presence of an API key.

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This is correct; an IP will receive (upon the next request) a new request quota 24 hours after the previous quota was issued. – Kevin Montrose May 21 '10 at 20:57
Your first ever request or your first request since not making any requests for over 24 hours? – hippietrail Jan 8 '12 at 12:50

I would imagine it's the start of the day, GMT like everything else on the sites, can't confirm this though. For me, that would be 8PM EST (-4 hours) at the moment.

Suggestion here: If this isn't the case, I believe it should be.

The most likely alternative is that I'm wrong and it's a 24 hour cache expiration on an item that gets cached your first request, meaning it would completely depend upon when your first request was the previous day.

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