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When an app is in early development stages, it is quite common not to have an Icon, a Name, a Website, or even a description.

I'm considering registering one key which I could use in all my Alpha apps which may or may not get off the ground. Once an app goes Beta or RC of course a dedicated key would be requested. This approach would be to used to overcome the daily No Key limit during development.

Is this practice discouraged? Is the info collected for app registration used for some master app list somewhere which I'd risk polluting with my non-app key?

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If you revisit your app registration, you can edit and update it.

So, once you need a key for development purposes go ahead and register one and just fill in more information as you're able.

Don't register an "all purpose" dev key, keep it per app.

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I see. That works. – Joel May 20 '10 at 1:10

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