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Yes, I know it's too late to get in for the prizes ('sif this would win anything anyway) but hey, for the betterment of the community :)

Screenshot / Code Snippet

alt text


I've (and others) been bugging about getting some stats so we can track our Stack Exchange sites against the others, so I made my own.


No license.


New and Improved: http://sagg.column80.com/flot.php

Todo: User Count, Answers (Answers could be very difficult to do using the API, we'll see)

If the graph seems to level out for the last day in the list, this is because of a bug in the timezone differencing code between the host server and the Stack Apps API.


Any modern, decent browser. Not Internet explorer as it's messing up the position:fixed value in the CSS.


Leave some feedback in this question.


Uses PHPStack by Thomas McDonald, and Flot. Don't stress, Mr Mod - all the data is verrrry heavilly cached and only updated daily.

Known Issues

  • Sometimes the data for recent days flatlines
  • Sometimes the data for recent days looks like an EKG (all over the place)
  • There are now so many SE sites that the legend covers the entire graph

I will do my best to fix these issues as soon as possible

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First 30 days or last 30 days? Nothing seems to start at 0, is that just a side-effect of the first day traffic/questions spike? –  Kevin Montrose Aug 6 '10 at 11:53
@Kevin - The first 30 days, so all questions posted on the first day is where the graph starts (seems like most sites get around 40-60 questions on their first day). I calculate Day 1 as being the date of the lowest question number I can locate. –  Mark Henderson Aug 6 '10 at 11:57
@Farseeker - OK, makes sense. Love the "want it, made it" attitude, fyi. –  Kevin Montrose Aug 6 '10 at 12:03
@Kevin - cool. I've also added the last 30 days as that's another graph that makes sense to have. –  Mark Henderson Aug 6 '10 at 12:28
I'm just getting "Loading..." and no image. Looking in Firebug, it looks like there's a syntax error in the javascript: var d72 =]; –  codeka Aug 6 '10 at 14:31
Me too. Chrome reports a couple syntax errors. –  Nathan Osman Aug 6 '10 at 17:39
@codeka - there was a problem in the script when handling brand new websites, and the English Langugage site was breaking it. Of course, this would happen as soon as I go to bed, but oh well. –  Mark Henderson Aug 6 '10 at 20:40
@Far: So it's fixed now? –  Nathan Osman Aug 6 '10 at 21:39
schweeet! - nice job big + –  Sky Sanders Aug 6 '10 at 22:07
@George, yep fixed and now with 100% more awesome –  Mark Henderson Aug 6 '10 at 22:17
Is the source code available somewhere? And is it possible the data is no longer up-to-date? The Web Apps site says it has just over 2000 questions, but the graph only shows 1300? –  Jan Fabry Sep 28 '10 at 9:19
@Jan - there's a bug in the code, every few days I go in and clear it out manually and re-populate the data. I've been exceptionally busy lately and haven't had time to fix it properly (it would only take 10 minutes). The source code isn't really available as I built it as a part of a larger solution. –  Mark Henderson Sep 28 '10 at 12:08
I'm getting the continuous "loading" problem still... are you still maintaining this? –  Brian Campbell Oct 22 '10 at 22:33
@Rory - the app was fairly simple, it shouldn't have needed any maintenance but there was a cron job that used to run every few hours to update the stats. Looks like when my web host migrated me to a different server they didn't move the cron jobs. You're the first person to mention it in almost 5 months, so I'm guessing not many people use it ;) I'll see if I can fix it now. –  Mark Henderson Apr 19 '11 at 20:34
@Farseeker - brilliant. I'm thinking it may be useful as there are a load more new beta sites coming close to qualification, so you might get more interest. Thanks again. –  Rory Alsop Apr 22 '11 at 17:49
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