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An Objective C 2.0 wrapper around the Stack Exchange API. Powers Six to Eight. Carefully woven threads for easy creation of non-blocking UIs, and full serialisation support for easy state persistence. In short, what was needed to create a well behaved iPhone application.

I've included a small README.txt, but documentation is otherwise sparse. As time permits over the next week, I'll be writing a few blog posts on the creation of Six to Eight, and the use of the API (along with coding against the SE API in general).


MIT Licence. Basically, do whatever you like. Just don't judge me too harshly when you find problems.


Linked from, or just visit the github directly at


Objective C 2.0 platforms. Basically, that's Mac OS X Leopard, or iOS.


Bug reports, comments, patches and abuse to adamw at


Pure Objective C, but with the help of ghunit (Gabriel Handford) and JSON API (Stig Brautaset).


In case it helps, I just uploaded one of the UIViewControllers from SixToEight to (and h). It shows the basic usage the API was designed for - given a CSSite, it demos getting request parameters, making requests, receiving answers and serialising results. I'll add some more interesting ones later in the week when I've check them over for obvious bad examples.

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How exactly do you define a CSSite? using the SiteStatistics example, initWithSite:@"StackOverflow", doesnt seem to work. – WrightsCS Dec 2 '10 at 6:38
You need to build a CSSite object via - (id)initWithDescriptor:(CSSiteDescriptor*)_descriptor;. To build a site descriptor, either use CSSiteDescriptors (id)initWithName:(NSString*)_name andEndPoint:(NSString*)_api_endpoint;, or use CSAuth, calling updateSites then using the sites property (which is an object vector of the CSSiteDescriptors provided by StackAuth) once your delegate is notified that the site list is available. – Adam Wright Dec 2 '10 at 16:32

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